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Eastern Cape, South Africa

Horse Riding Adventure

Beach Riding

Wildlife on Horseback

A horse riding adventure on the Sunshine Coast in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

With easy access from Port Elizabeth and East London (transfers included) the 7 day Beachcomber Horse Trail is something your clients will love! But to best tell your clients about it, nothing beats a first-hand account when it comes to selling a riding vacation. If you plan to visit South Africa, we’d be thrilled to have you on one of our rides to experience it for yourself.

The Beachcomber Horse Trail ranks among the best in the world, as it offers unique riding opportunities in an amazing location.

Imagine galloping along remote beaches, exploring the coves and rocky outcrops along the way…

Photograph by Jono Arnott

Spend 7 days on horseback discovering the secrets of the Sunshine Coast. You will ride along wide open beaches, cross rivers, and explore forests and grasslands riding with Africa’s wildlife.

Our trails spend the evenings in comfortable accommodation after long days in the saddle. You will stay over in a Beach House, a Guest House, a fun Beach Hostel and a quaint Farm Cottage to name a few.

“I’ve done more than 25 different horse trails all over the world, and I have to say, this was one of the most unique equestrian experiences I’ve ever had!”

– Thomas, Germany

During your visit we’ll take some time to visit other places while you’re here. It may include one of the top wildlife destinations in the area – Sibuya Game Reserve – and the beautifull House Quarters (a new boutique hotel with a view over the Kariega River), as well as a visit to the Afrika Kusini Wellness Spa to rejuvenate tired bodies.

Carriage Rock between Middle Beach and Shelly Beach

Photograph by Dirk Meiring

Required Skill & Fitness Level:

To make the most of our horseback trails, we recommend that riders are healthy and have a relatively good level of fitness (we’ll help you get fitter while on the ride!). Riding with us needs a degree of physical fitness, as these rides are not recommended for inexperience or unfit riders (we do offer beach rides for those who feel like doing shorter rides and not completely experienced enough for the longer trails). The Beachcomber trail includes different types of riding including long canters on sand, to relaxed walks with the wildlife we encounter along the way. We also swim with our horses through two rivers and do a few shallow crossings.

Our Horses:

Our horses are a hardy mix of Arabian crosses. They are safe, well mannered and are very lively when needed but also happy to plod along with inexperienced riders. Our saddles are comfortable trail riding saddles and we use soft bits on all our horses.

The Tack and Gear:

We use trail saddles, made locally, designed for the comfort of both horse and rider alike. We recommend you wear half or full chaps with comfortable riding boots and a light weight riding helmet, preferably with good ventilation. We do have a limited number of chaps and helmets at the stables, but we highly recommend that you bring your own helmet and chaps.


Private transfers are available from Port Elizabeth or East London. We can also book you on a scheduled transfer.

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